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2017 - 2019


Research, Teaching

In light of the environmental and material challenges in which architecture is discussed in the 21st century, the section contains a key to architectural innovation.

It provides an opportunity for rethinking about encounters that discuss structure, construction, sealing and insulation, and the various systems and functions that make up the building and the space.

The Section is the place where space, shape, and matter meet with the human experience and establishes most clearly the relationship between the body and the building, as well as the relationship between the architecture and the concept.

With the development of technology, the boundary between imagination and reality is narrowed and enables us to realize our vision and examine the reality in which we live today while examining spatial, formal, social, ecological and other meaningful questions.

ARCHITECTURE is in the SECTION is a research unit at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel, Led by arch. Saar Gharan Levy and arch. Eyal Ivry that take place in the fourth year of architecture studies and is part of the Technology and Technics course.

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