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Jaffa-Tel aviv

2,000,000+ Sq"m

Urban Planning & Design

Identification of the area of ​​activity deriving from the foreign plantations in the built-up area and areas for the rehabilitation of neighborhoods, while thinking about how to rejuvenate neighborhoods and urban renewal for the purpose of the city as a whole. Not a view from above, from the bird's eye, but from the perspective that comes from the field!

A new "blue infrastructure" enables the sewing of different textures together into a complete system that functions as a single body. The political proposal to connect different cities can be a significant urban potential far beyond an economic or municipal act.

The "blue infrastructure" proposed to function as a layer Urban system that examines the problem of repeated flooding And a problem throughout the entire country, a problem that exists from the south of the country to the north, which causes great damage and losses in human life.
The "blue infrastructure" does not come to solve a problem but rather to relate to it and turn it into a meaningful opportunity that allows for a new urban experience.
The blue infrastructure refers to the Ayalon Valley as a case study and from there it can spread and develop throughout the country and create a new national infrastructure that will make us look at the city and the water differently, not as a problem but as an opportunity not to hide the water or remove it, Integral and meaningful from everyday experience.

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