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Ramat Gan


Urban Planning & Design,



The entrance area to Sheba Hospital is in a broad and changing urban context. As part of this renewable space, a number of anchors must be mentioned: Sheba Hospital as a significant and regional attraction, the planned light rail station, a new urban traffic artery, new construction that combines employment, commerce, housing, and more, the existing residential neighborhoods and the Shafatz strip (existing and planned).


Designing a new bridge in this context means bridging between the various anchors and connecting an urban continuum through quality open space. The proposed design weaves all the components through a network of trails with priority for pedestrians and cyclists and emphasizes accessibility and comfort.

It is not a bridge as a line leading from point to point but an urban connector that completes the existing and planned strip of floodplains and the various programs and integrates them as a continuous urban park.


The bridge functions not as another object but as a connected tissue with intensive, three-dimensional landscape development that gives opportunities for many activities along it and gives residents a quality place in the city with an emphasis on comfort, shading and landscape values.

The amount of visitors and the much traffic that exists in the area will make the proposed park an active and lively space.


Thinking about the new entrance to the "City of Health of Israel", no longer a fenced hospital, and a medical space as part of the community and opened to it, stands as a planning challenge.

Making the strip of public transport a natural continuation of the hospital entrance plaza and part of an open urban system is a significant step. The proposed design is an integrative thinking about the entire space and its transformation into a mediating, developing and connecting factor.


It is in the power of this project to change the face of the entire city and even continue beyond the current borders

In a new urban infrastructure.

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