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HOLON Yoseftal-Hamelacha Boulevard







2,000,000 Sq"m

Urban Planning & Design, Spatial policy document

Planning in collaboration with INBAL PELED Architects & Urban planners office.


Vision of the Future


A main urban space functions at the urban and metropolitan level, which creates connections between a variety of sub-centers located on the "research" - a chain connecting two employment and commercial centers of different natures between which there are cultural centers and residential complexes. All of these are connected by a boulevard with a variety of activities based on the realization of the principle of combining uses and walkability.


The planning space connects the urban fabric based on the array of diverse and intensive means of mass transportation in the metropolis and the existence of a hierarchical network of services and a variety of activities, which radiates on its sides with the aim of realizing a balanced development based on urban renewal between west and east and between north and south. This development will strengthen the relative and competitive advantages that exist in each area and will change the image of Holon to a central city in the metropolis, which offers a variety of employment, trade and services, education, leisure and community services - in quantities and qualities that provide a space of opportunities, creating development multipliers for the variety of populations living in the city and coming to it from the outside .


The strengthening of connectivity, which is motivated by the concept that diversity and difference are a quality that must be strengthened in the values of development (quantitatively and qualitatively). This strengthening will happen through the implementation of the transition from a "back to back" situation to a "face to face" situation. In this way, a smart and sustainable renewal will be guaranteed, which balances development, cultivation and renewal of the axis while giving emphasis to the development of the various interfaces in the renewal space with secondary neighborhoods/activity centers, side by side.

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