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Bezalel - Clore Art and Design Gallery, Jerusalem

200 Sq"m


Clore Art and Design Gallery, the new Bezalel Campus by Jack, Joseph and Morton Mendel.

End of year exhibition, School of Architecture



Between the historic building, where the School of Architecture at Bezalel Street 1 is located, and the foot of Mount Scopus where the former building stands since the 1980s: is the Klor Gallery, where we are, located on the northeast front of the new academic building.


We wish to embark on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. Each of the three building’s “bodies” offers a unique sensory experience, from the nostalgic charm of the past to the elegant modernity of the present and the alluring promise of the future. We invite you to reflect on their place in the sequence of time and appreciate the dynamic relationships between architecture, space, and time.


"Three bodies - one center" includes three separate buildings, each representing a unique entity and having its own symbolic meaning. The concept revolves around the idea of ​​connectivity, where the three bodies exist together in a central space to create a deep sense of harmony. This action creates a space of three masses, bodies through which you can see the view of the old building on Mount Scopus, hear and see the historic campus on Bezalel Street and watch us on the new Bezalel Campus.


The world around us accelerates its rate of transitioning, processes advance rapidly and change direction at an unpredictable rate. Accelerated by the power of technology, challenges are multiplying in an increasingly crowded world. This is a world where territories and people have never been closer digitally but farther from one another ideologically.


These issues require our discussion and emphasize the role of architecture in our lives. By interweaving the past, present, and future within one cohesive space, we are reminded that architecture is made of more than bricks and mortar. It is a reflection of our collective journey and an ever-evolving expression of human aspirations.

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