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Delivering a lecture at the KANKAN #2 events at the Bezalel Art and Design Teaching Center, which discusses introducing new teaching formats in the fields of creativity and design.

The lecture emphasized a studio which, as part of a discussion about the acute shortage of built-up spaces, in the Department of Architecture and the world in general, and gave up the right to receive studio space, not by constraint, but by choosing to create a critical situation and thinking "otherwise" about space. The lack of this awareness invited students early on to deal with questions such as: What is space? What produces space? Who does it belong to and how do we manage when we have no concrete or private space? The program for the semester project was the immediate need for a workspace, in a physical setting for the studio.


During the semester, students explored the opportunities embedded in the public space and unused spaces in the department's buildings and engaged in the construction of an alternate studio space.

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